House Refurbishment

House Refurbishments

House refurbishment need not be a daunting task, perhaps you don’t want to actually have more space but rather want to modernise your existing house by installing a new kitchen or bathroom? A common situation we see is a neglected property has been acquired by a new owner, where updates are required throughout the property including the services to meet latest regulations. Here at Juco Construction, we are happy to help you out with your house refurbishment.

It’s perfectly possible to add more space to your home without going down the route of adding a loft conversion or single storey house extensions etc. Sometimes all it requires is some poorly used existing space, a little internal remodeling – and the help of an architect.

You could, for instance, knock down a wall to create a larger living space, such as between the sitting room and kitchen to create a large airy open living space. Then again, it may be possible to divide one large room by a partition wall and create two separate bedrooms.

Home Refurbishment London

Not only will refurbishment prove far less expensive, but you won’t require planning permission either (unless the property is Listed).
Changing the flow of the rooms in your home could also create the illusion of more space because people are able to move around more freely. This could mean removing doors, creating new openings in internal walls and altering the position of furniture. Although the house hasn’t altered it terms of size, there is the illusion of more space – or at least no more ‘people jams.’

Another popular house refurbishment and way to get the illusion of more space is to get bigger windows or, as is currently very popular sliding / bi-fold aluminium glass doors. These will add additional light and can be left open during the warmer months and which creates an effect architects refer to as ‘bringing the outside in’ meaning the garden/patio/decking becomes part of your living area.

Building additional storage can remove clutter from your home and, again, make it appear larger than it actually is. The type of storage space that doesn’t take up any room is the integrated variety. That means having a wardrobe specially built to the exact specifications of the alcove in your bedroom, or getting a built-in bookcase made for the under-utilised area under the stairs.